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Khululeka Grief Support focuses on bereavement support for bereaved children and adolescents. This support is provided through the delivery of two programmes: grief and loss support groups for children and adolescents; and adult training, on recognition and support of bereaved children and adolescents: for professionals, para-professionals and community volunteers in the South African child sector.

  • Who we are.

    We are a non-profit organisation that specialises in recognising and responding to child and adolescent grief.

  • What we do.

    We train and mentor adults to support grieving children and adolescents as well as facilitate support groups for children and adolescents.

  • Why it matters.

    Children and adolescents who have experienced loss need special support to reduce their vulnerability and increase their resilience.
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Abangane Grief Support for Teen Girls

Almost one-fifth of children and adolescents in South Africa have lost a parent; many have experienced multiple losses. Bereaved children and adolescents are at increased risk for psychological health problems including maladaptive grief and depression. Khululeka has developed an evidence based support group curriculum specifically for bereaved teen girls called the Abangane programme, freely available here.