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An increasing number of children are experiencing loss and death, and adults who care for them often do not feel equipped to support them. Khululeka Grief Support provides tools for adults working with children in organisations and schools, to help children process their experiences of grief so that they can heal.

  • Who we are.

    We are a non-profit organisation that specialises in recognising and responding to childhood grief.
  • What we do.

    We train and mentor adults to support grieving children as well as facilitate support groups for children.
  • Why it matters.

    Children who have experienced loss need special support to reduce their vulnerability and increase their resilience.
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Did You Know?

A study in the South African Journal of Psychiatry (April 2014) found that 67% of rural children in South Africa had directly or vicariously experienced a traumatic event, while 8% fulfilled the criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.